Sefirin Kızı- Vajza e ambasadorit: 1x9

Episode 9

The best friend punishes his friend because Akin’s name was used in the same sentence with Nare’s name, Gediz goes completely mad when he hears that his sister’s name is used in the same sentence as that filth as well. He takes out his anger by punching Sancar. Sancar does not fight back Gediz’s punches, and accepts the punishment. But he does not hesitate to track down Müge as he is sure that she is the mole. Of course, by hiding from Gediz. At the same time, Nare is also after Müge secretly from Gediz, and she is trying to show Akin’s true face to Müge. The paths of…

Sefirin Kizi: 1×9
Feb. 17, 2020